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Ready to connect to existing wiring, this KX-TDA50-G  initially supports up to 4 lines and 4 telephones. Expandable to 8 Lines and 24 Extensions. Add lines and phones as you grow. We will completely preprogram and customize the system for you. The installation support, if required, is at no additional charge. You also get the installation manuals. Program changes can easily be made after the installation and you have access to our 800 number for assistance if needed. The level of technical support that we provide to our customers is second to none.

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Panasonic KX-TDA50-G Phone System  Features

The KX-TDA50-G control unit is initially configured with 4  Hybrid 

Extension ports and 4 Loop Start CO ports (1 LCOT Card), Power

Supply, RS-232 port, USB port, MOH port, Paging port and a SD Card

The system is expandable to to 8 CO's and 24 Extension ports.

  • Multi-Cell Wireless

  • VOIP Gateway with QSIG (Enhanced System Networking)

  • 4 VoIP Extensions Available

  • PC Based Programming

  • DXDP (Digital Extra Device Port)

  • Automatic Route Selection (ARS)

  • Toll Restriction

  • Caller ID Name and Number to (DPT, APT, & SLT)

  • Voicemail Integration

  • Uniform Call Distribution (UCD)

  • Direct Inward System Access (DISA)

  • Compatible with KX-T7600, 7400, 7700 Series and SLT Telephones

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Customized Turn-Key Solution  Designed For Your Business *

All Equipment Is Brand New, Not Refurbished.

One Year Parts Warranty (Extended Warranty See Below)

Free Manufacturer Certified Technical Support

Free UPS Ground Shipping (Continental U.S.)

Pre Labeled Quick Connect Wiring harness For Fast Installation

Digital Hybrid IP-PBX Systems (KX-TDA)
These Systems and Components are sold, installed and serviced exclusively by Panasonic KX-TDA Certified Dealers.


KX-TDA5170 4-port Hybrid Line Card : When installed in the KX-TDA50 control cabinet this card will supports KX-T7700 (APT) Series Telephones, Single Line (SLT) and DSS Console. (KX-TDA0141)2-port cell station and voice mail. Maximum 1 per system. This card will also provide XDP on all ports. This card will NOT support 90-volt message waiting lamps on single line sets

KX-TDA5171 4-port Digital Line Card: When integrated with the KX-TDA50 this card will support KX-T7600,KX-T7400(DPT)series telephones, DSS Console,(KX-TDA0141) 2 Port Cell Station and voice mail, Maximum 1 per system.

 KX-TDA5172 8-port Digital Line Card: 8 ports per card. Supports KX-T7400(DPT) series telephones, DSS console, (KX-T0141) 2 Port cell station and voice mail. Maximum 2 per system.

KX-TDA5173 4-port Single Line Card: When integrated into the KX-TDA50 this card supports Single Line Telephones (SLT) Also equipped with 4 DTMF receivers. 1 card max per system. Will not support 90-vold message waiting on single line telephone sets.

KX-TDA5174 8-port Single Line Card: When integrated into the KX-TDA50 this card will support single line telephones (SLT). Also equipped with 8 DTMF receivers. 1 card per max system. This card will not support single line sets with 90-volt message waiting.

KX-TDA5175 4-port Proprietary Line Card: When integrated into the KX-TDA50 this card will support KX-T7700 series (APT) DSS and Voice Mail. 1 card max per system.


KX-TDA5176 8-port Proprietary Extension Card: When integrated into the KX-TDA50 this card will support KX-T7700 Series (APT) DSS and Voice Mail, 2 cards max per system.

KX-TDA5161 4-port Doorphone / Door Opener Card: Supports up to 4 KX-T30865 door phones and 4 dry contact connections. Maximum 1 per KX-TDA50 system.

KX-TDA5168 Extension Caller ID Card: Provides 8-ports of Caller ID on standard single line type caller ID compatible telephone sets. Will allow for the passing of caller ID information to these types of sets. This card must be installed along with the applicable KX-TDA5193 CO-Line Caller ID card. Caller ID as a feature must also be subscribed to by the end user for this card and the KX-TDA5193 to function.

KX-TDA5193 4-port Caller ID Card: When integrated into the KX-TDA5480 this daughter card will pass Caller ID information from the Central Office to any KX-T7000, 7200, 7400 or KX-T7600 series proprietary telephone with LCD display. Each KX-TDA5193 activates caller ID on 4 CO lines. Mounts on the KX-TDA5180 Loop Start CO Cards..

KX-TDA5196 Remote Card (V90): When integrated into the KX-TDA50 this card provides for remote maintenance and programming. Maximum 1 per system.

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