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Wiring Phone Jacks:

Phone wiring is normally done with category 2 (CAT2)or category 3 (CAT3)cable. Category 5 cable (CAT5)can also be used but it is not required for phone jack connections. CAT5 is only required for higher speed connections such as computer networking or T1 connections where more data is passed through the connection. When using CAT5 cable is is important to also use CAT5 connection hardware such as CAT5 Phone Jacks and/or Patch Panels. For detailed information on installing cables and telephone wiring visit our page on "Installing Phone Cable"

Here is an example of how most 4 wire phone systems are connected to a standard surface mount phone jack. It may be necessary on some systems to "flip" the Orange/White & White/Orange pair to make the phone work.

2 wire systems such as Avaya Magix, Toshiba, IVX, Nortel and Vodavi would only require the Blue/White - White/Blue pair to be connected to the 2 center pins or the Green Red wires of the jack.

Wires should be striped back approximately 1/2 an inch and wound around the binding lug in a clockwise direction being careful not to cross over the wire already wound in the lug.

RJ11: Provides connection for 1 pair of wires.

RJ14: Provides connection for 2 pair of wires.

RJ31X: Provides connection for line bypass for applications such as alarm systems.

RJ21X: Telephone Company Interface for 25 pair cable.

Wiring A Phone Jack

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Telephone Systems 

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