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Changing Panasonic KX-TVS/TVA System Passwords

Because it is possible for hackers to bypass both computer and voicemail system security features, we strongly recommended that our customers take the time to password protect all mailboxes, including system administration mailboxes. This is necessary to protect your system against unauthorized use, hacking and theft of phone service.

System Administration Mailboxes:

Your system administration mailboxes are 998 & 999. Program these passwords by calling into voicemail (VM Button), when the voicemail responds press #6*99(X) . It will appear you are logged into a normal mailbox. Press 3 to add a password. It is very important you notate these passwords, as losing them will require logging into your voicemail via laptop to reset.

End User Mailboxes:

Log into your mailbox by pressing the VM button on your phone. When the voicemail responds, press 5 for mailbox management, then 2 to change your password.

telephonesystems.com will not be held responsible for any service theft due to non-compliance of this recommendation.

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