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at&t SynJ 4 Line Cordless System

Total Asset Solutions, Inc. is an authorized at&t SMB Certified Partner. This means you can trust to provide your company with the advantages of this cutting edge communications system. Our technicians have been one of the first in the country to undergo a rigorous certification training program with at&t. This means that our valued customers will be able to take full advantage of the latest technologies in telecommunications today and for many years to come.

at&t SynJ 4 Line Corded/Cordless Small Business  System

at&t SynJ 4 Line Cordless System


The SynJ corded base supports four lines, each with an Automated Attendant, and up to 10 SynJ cordless accessory handsets and/or cordless desk sets with individual voicemail. Each handset provides line status and message-waiting indication plus caller ID and call waiting information on a large lighted display. Mobile employees have easy access to Push-to-Talk Intercom, call transfer and 3-way conferencing as well as the choice of handset or speakerphone operation. The corded base will also pair with an AT&T TL7600 Cordless Headset to provide hands-free mobility.

How it Works

Repeaters can extend the range of the cordless handset. The SynJ DECT 6.0 cordless handsets and cordless desk sets can operate up to a half-mile from the corded base with optional SynJ repeaters. The base supports up to six repeaters with no wired connection to the base. Just plug them into an AC outlet and you’re free to roam. Active calls will be handed off from base to repeater to repeater while you take care of business.

The AT&T TL7600 Cordless Headset provides hands-free mobility of up to 500 feet when paired with the corded base.

Push-to-Talk Intercom eliminates delays and distractions by providing instant communication with any extension or all extensions. Watch customer satisfaction go up as response times come down.


Extended range—have the freedom to roam up to 2940 feet from the base with the use of repeaters and cordless handsets. Up to 2 repeaters can be linked in sequence with each base, offering up to 980 feet of additional range per repeater. By linking repeaters together, you can extend the range of the wireless signal up to 2940 feet.


General Information






Base: 02275

Cordless Handset: 01878Cordless Deskset: 02278

Repeater: 01879

Country of Origin





9" x 9.25" x 4.5" (HxWxD)

Cordless Handset

3" x 4" x 9" (HxWxD)

Cordless Deskset

8.5" x 9" x 4.5" (HxWxD)


5" x 4.5" x 0.75" (HxWxD)




2.5 lbs.

Cordless Handset

1 lbs.

Cordless Deskset

2.5 lbs.


0.5 lbs.

Telephone Features

  • 1 to 4 Line Capability

  • DECT Zero Blind Slot Digital

  • Technology—allows use of all 10extensions simultaneously

  • Push-to-Talk Intercom—from base to extension, from extension to extension

  • Expandable to 10 Handsets

  • and/or Cordless Desksets

  • Page, Intercom and Call Transfer Between Stations

  • 10 Speed Dial and 10 Intercom Number Locations

  • 3 Party Conferencing

  • Speakerphone

  • 4 Lighted Line Indicators

  • Selectable Ring Tones

  • Handset, Speakerphone, Headset and Ringer Volume Controls

  • Last 10 Number Redial

  • Extended Range

  • 100 Name/Number Phonebook Directory

  • External Music on Hold

  • English/Spanish Setup Menus

  • Mute

  • Redial

  • Hold

  • Chain Dialing

  • Compatible with TL7600 Cordless Headset (Base Only)

  • Headset Compatible (2.5mm jack)


Caller ID/Call Waiting Features

  • Caller ID/Call Waiting Capability*

  • 50 Name/Number Caller ID History

  • Large Blue Lighted Display

  • New Call/Message Indicator

  • Remove Button

Digital Answering Features

  • Auto Attendant on Each Line

  • Individual Voicemail Boxes for Each Extension

  • 180 Minutes of Digital Recording Time**

  • Remote Access with Programmable Options

  • Call Screening/Intercept

  • Memo Recording

Vertical Markets

  • Warehouse/Distribution Center

  • Farm/Ranch

  • Manufacturing Plant

  • Nursery/Landscaping

  • Car/Truck Lot

  • Car/Truck Rental Facility

  • Self Storage Facility

  • Business Entity with a Maintenance Yard

  • Campus Type Environment:

  • Daycare with Playground

  • Recreation Center

  • Restaurant/POS Entities


*Use of Caller ID feature requires a subscription from your local telephone company.

**The actual recording time depends on individual characteristics


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