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Smart Strip®
Coleman 10 Outlet Smart Strip


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Features & Benefits

• Automatic power control plus superior surge protection
• Pays for itself in energy savings in as fast as a few months!
• Keeps on saving money
• Transformer spaced outlets

All electronics draw some power even when they are in sleep mode or turned off. For example, a
computer monitor uses up to 30 watts even in sleep mode. That adds up to about $2.19 a month
or $26.67 a year* in energy costs. Other computer peripherals and home entertainment
equipment can draw over 50 watts when off. It’s easy to see that the energy being consumed by
all of your “sleeping” electronics really adds up.

The advanced technology in the Smart Strip® combined surge protection with automatic power
control. It automatically turns off power to printers, DVD players, and other electronics when they
are not in use, saving electricity and money. Being green just got easy!©

Note: Savings provided are merely an illustration. Actual savings will vary significantly from home to home depending on actual equipment and local kWh rate for electricity. Sources: energy.gov, thesportsjournal.org, and eia.doe.gov.

How it Works
Smart Strip® monitors the flow of electricity to the Control Outlet and when
there is a significant drop, it switches off the power to the Controlled Outlets.
So when the control appliance goes into sleep mode or
is shut off, the Smart Strip® saves energy and money!

Control Outlet
Plug a computer or television into this
outlet. This outlet controls the
Controlled Outlets.

Always On Outlets
Plug equipment that should not be
turned off, such as a fax machine or
cordless phone, into these outlets. The
power to these outlets is always on.

Controlled Outlets
Plug peripherals such as a monitor,
printer or DVD player into these outlets.

Telephone Systems 

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