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PanaLog Call Accounting provides every customer that owns a Panasonic Phone System this extra added value of call management and an extremely powerful software program. The best part about PanaLog is that you will NEVER need to spend another penny on call management products when you expand your telephone system. PanaLog will grow with your business and your phone system at no additional future cost.

Every Business Owner/Home Owner deserves to know what is happening at their facility. PanaLogcan measure and evaluate all inbound/outbound call activity, employee productivity, growth, long distance bills, telephone abuse and much more. PanaLog puts you in control and lets you view all call activity, or zone-in on specific calls, employees, departments, dates, etc., with easy "Point & Click" Menu Options. PanaLog allows you to produce valuable reports or graphs in seconds.

Key Features:

  • Easy to Use: Setup Time 1 Minute
  • Monitor employee productivity
  • Stop telephone abuse
  • View long distance bills immediately
  • Link employee names to extensions
  • Search call records by name
  • Flexibility to "exclude" Owners/Managers extensions from reports
  • Call accounting section for billing clients
  • Logs "ALL" Caller ID activity (unlimited)
  • Converts area codes to geographic locations for easy identification
  • View voice mail activity/call-out logs for pagers, cell phones
  • Home Owners--Monitor/protect children. Know who they are calling, what time and who is calling them.

Caller ID is necessary for inbound caller identification. Caller ID Card(s) must be installed in the phone system and Caller ID Service ordered from your local telephone company.

PanaLog Call Management Software is designed to provide companies with a cost effective software tool which allows managers to Analyze Real-Time call traffic (view calls as they are being made), Generate reports, Generate graphs, search by desired criteria, for any or all of the following:

  • New Feature!  Tracks TD500 Login/Logout for ring groups/call center environment
  • inbound/outbound calls
  • daily, weekly, monthly, yearly calls
  • individual extensions, all extensions, departments
  • telephone call lengths
  • average call lengths
  • frequently called numbers
  • telephone line usage
  • number of rings before call is answered
  • unanswered calls
  • account codes
  • date/time
  • inbound/outbound calls by geographic regions/converts area codes to city and state for more detailed reporting
  • local, long distance, international calls
  • calls over 10 minutes (may be set to desired setting)
  • Caller ID* see note below
  • voice mail call-out (insure employees are being notified after hours/weekends, verify after hour notification corresponds to employee time card)
  • cost accounting

Software Applications

  • FLEXIBILITY -- view all the information, or only what you need at the moment; various summary information allows you to select what you want to analyze

  • New feature!  Flexible area code database for users. Add new area codes as they become available in the United States for constant updated regional call identification.

  • security key disk required prior to entering program

  • remote workstation capability
  • accommodates 10-digit local dialing plans
  • accommodates Centrex / Plexar (dial additional "9")
  • reports can be saved as a file or exported for e-mail transfer
  • "Help" Menu available
  • does not require user-intervention (will automatically start collecting data once installed)

PanaLog Software is so easy to use. Simply select your Panasonic System, connect your PanaLog Cable to your telephone system & computer and start receiving telephone call data.  

  • You can immediately start producing Reports and Graphs. PanaLog is a benefit for all business owners for analyzing all inbound/outbound call activity. Business owners now have a call management tool they need at the most cost effective price in the United States.

PanaLog supports the maximum number of extensions for every control unit. Other software companies have a higher cost for larger control units and additional costs when adding more extensions. We proved there is no reason to do this.....just one Universal CD supports all Panasonic KX-T/KX-TD Telephone Systems and all extensions at the same low cost. Panalog is proud to have set the standards in the United States for Call Management/Call Accounting Software.                                               Supports Windows�95/98/NT/2000/ME/XP

Panalog Call Accounting Software     


(Cables are NOT included.RJ45 patch cord can be used, or connect to data jacks and patch panels)

  $274.00   Quantity:

Custom-Made Cables 
  • Quick Connect-25 Kit: Includes 6' cable and adapters to convert from DB25 and DB9 to 8-pin jacks, for use with the KX-TD816, KX-TD1232 phone systems, and the KX-TVS75, 100, 110, 120, 125, 200, 220, 225, 300, 320 and 325 voice processing systems.
  • Quick Connector-9 kit: Includes 6' cable and DB9 connectors to RJ45, for use with the KX-TD308, KX-TA624, KX-TAW848, KX-TDA30 and KX-TDA50 phone systems, and KX-TVS50, 80, 90 and 95 voice processing systems.
  • $28.00 eachQuantity:

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Question: Will this software only work on Panasonic Phone Systems?

    • Yes. PanaLog is specifically designed for Panasonic Digital and Analog Phone Systems (KX-TD, KX-TA, KX-T Models).

    Question: How long does it take to install this software?

    • Typically 1-3 minutes.  Time to install will be based on how quickly your computer runs through the set-up process.  Once the set-up process has completed, it is ready to use, and ready to start tracking telephone calls.

    Question: Will this software track intercom/inter-office calls?

    • No. The phone system does not generate this information through the SMDR (phone record) port. Panalog provides reports based on the output of the phone system.

    Question: Will this software track hold time?

    • No. The telephone system does not generate this information through the SMDR (phone record) port. Panalog provides reports based on the output of the phone system.

    Question: Where can PanaLog be used?

    • Anywhere. Any comercial business, home office or general home use, with a Panasonic Phone System.

    Question: How can I separate toll free calls 1800, 1888, 1877 ? (I don't want to combine these with my actual long distance call time).

    • The Special Reporting Feature has multiple search techniques. One of the features allow you to search long distance calls. The report will generate all 1+ numbers, but, it will not show toll free numbers. You can also do a separate search to see what toll free numbers were dialed. Just click on "search long distance" or "search toll free" and your report is available in seconds.

    Telephone Systems 

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